About the Membership

As an engineer develops their career many wish to remain technical yet to work on challenging engineering projects they need to develop as a technical leader.  While the skills needed overlap with an engineering management path these paths differ in emphasis of the end result. Managers keep their focus on the business result and senior engineers keep their focus on the technical project result.

Traveling The Technical Trail provides content and support for engineers who want to grow in their careers and stay active in the technical result. This membership program has two subscription levels: Walker and Hiker.

Walker is a free subscription which provides members with the monthly newsletter, selected articles specific to engineering career development.  All that is required is creating an account with a password.

Hiker is a paid subscription which provides members with the monthly newsletter, all articles (~ two times a month), monthly calls with Anne and other members, 50% discounts on beta training.  For those who choose the annual membership they will also receive a one-on-one coaching session.

Membership will commence in May 2021.

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