Why Don’t You Teach Someone?

Training someone else in a skill you have mastered does not require years of mastery.  To grow others takes practice just like any other skill. Training provides the most concrete way to grow other engineers in your field. Engineering, like most technical fields, does not offer formal education in how to teach. Anyone recall the unevenness in your college engineering professors?

Like any other skill it can be learned with knowledge, practice, and a willingness to pass on what you know.


Deep Expertise Not Needed

In her book “Women in Tech,” Tara Wheeler Van Vlack encourages all to teach with “As soon as you know something, start helping others.” Notice there is nothing in that statement about being an expert or having five years’ experience.  During the winter I teach alpine skiing.  I know an instructor, Andy, who learned the sport and started teaching within one year.  Within 3 years he had reached full PSIA certification.

You know something, pass it on. “How?” you may ask.


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