The Two Trails of Leadership

What comes to mind when you think of leadership?

  •           Leading a Team
  •           Motivating a Team
  •           Managing a Team
  •           Directing a Team

Technical leaders do need to manage teams to yield technical results. This trail has many guidebooks. Intertwined with the team trail is setting direction and decisions. I have found less guidebooks for this trail.

Based upon my experience these two trails intertwine.  When leading a team, you are often faced with a decision or setting a direction of action.  Often you have incomplete information to make the decision, but you need to choose and move forward. Along the trail of technical direction and decisions your manager give you the “go-ahead” in taking that direction. As part of that go-ahead command, you then need to assemble a team to explore that direction further.

To see these two trails let us climb that peak over there so we can get the 5000 ft view.

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