Traveling The Technical Trail Introduction

Do you wonder what a technical career path looks like versus a technical management career path looks like?

Do you wonder why Jane in the next cube over received the promotion to staff engineer and you didn’t?

Have you been wandering in your engineering career without a notion of where to chart your course?

Have you been told your communication skills need to improve but all they did was send you to a class?

Then these blogs are for you. While J. R. R. Tolkien wrote “All who wander are not lost” I have observed during my engineering career that those who are lost do tend to wander. Now a little wandering isn’t bad for your engineering career. Sometimes you wander from project to project because you haven’t found something that grabs your engineering soul. The project/subject area in which taking the trail to climb that mountain makes it worth fording the rivers and scrambling over the boulders that come in your way.

In Traveling the Technical Trail I invite you to join me as I share insights from my own experiences, and observations  as well as insights  from fellow travelers. I have been traveling for a while and continue to learn as I walk this trail. So, I will also share books, podcasts and other resources which you may find helpful.

Read something, comment, share something with your network. Travel the trail for a short or a long time. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. As not all advice arrives when you need it, consider retracing your tracks back and re-reading an article.

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