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Walk Through an Audience Profile Exercise

Your engineering presentations need a clear purpose and need to address the concerns of your audience.  This excerpt provides an introduction to 2 of the 5 keys of successful engineering presentations. I will walk you through the Audience Profile Exercise handout.

  • Excerpt from “Presenting Technical Content with Confidence”
  • 30 min investment in your career
  • Handouts provided
  • $27 Value for Free

Coming soon

Introduction to Engineer Growth Plan

Receive an introduction to a 3-part model for your development as an engineer.  And receive a review of the 1-page development plan. Model covers:

    • Attributes of Technical Leaders
    • Move from Contributor to Leader
    • Build Underlying Skills
  • Excerpted from “Demystifying the Engineer Career Path “
  • 30 min investment in your career
  • Handouts provided
  • $23 Beta-price  for Dec 2021 & Jan 2022
  • Option to purchase a 1-hour review of your Growth Plan

Coming soon

Schedule for Jan -March 2022 being determined.

Following free calls planned:

  • preparing your self-assessment for your performance review planned
  • planning a lateral move

Demystifying the Engineer Career Path

Presenting Technical Content with Confidence

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